4 Techniques to Recharge Your Body, Mind and Soul

Are you feeling stressed and fatigued with your daily life? Has life become monotonous with the same tasks every day? Then, it’s time to take a rejuvenation break. Taking a break and rejuvenating oneself on a regular basis is essential. Such breaks recharge and refresh you. When these breaks are taken in the lap of Mother Nature, they become more beautiful and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. So, how to get rejuvenated in nature? In this blog, I will share with you 4 simple ways to do it. When you practice these techniques, you will experience a boost in your energy levels, creativity, and quality of life. So, let’s get started.

My Connection With Mother Nature

When I think of nature, I automatically get a smile. I love nature. There is a close connection between me and nature. Since my childhood, I was always surrounded by nature wherever I went or lived. There is always a lot of greenery, huge trees, and nature close to me.

As a kid, I did not wear any footwear much. I was all the time barefoot – walking, running, climbing trees. As kids, we played outdoors and spent a lot of time outside the home playing. Only for sleeping and classes, we were indoors. Spending time in the garden was wonderful.

Learnings in the Lap of Nature

As I grew up, I became aware of the many benefits of spending time in nature. I learned that trees carry a lot of prana, and spending time with trees and nature rejuvenates us. This was an amazing insight. And what amazes me greatly is even without knowing the benefits of spending time in nature, I got an opportunity to spend a lot of my time in nature. Sitting under the trees, climbing them, walking barefoot – all these are ways to absorb a lot of prana into the system, and I was doing it naturally without knowing. This is a great gift I received.

I feel big trees that have existed for years carry divine essence in them. When I walk near such trees, I experience a huge surge of energy and feel refreshed in a few minutes. When I hug a tree, it’s an amazing feeling. The beautiful mother tree transforms my energies and refreshes me. If you have never hugged a tree, you are missing something amazing that life offers ?

So, in this entire journey with nature, I learned various techniques of rejuvenation. Here are 4 such ways of rejuvenation.

4 Techniques to Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Soul

1. Sit under a tree and do deep breathing – When I am exhausted mentally or physically, I just go and sit under a big tree like a peepal tree. I practice deep breathing, and within seconds, I experience a difference in me, and I see a huge shift in my mood.

If I do my breathing exercises and meditation under a tree, that makes a huge difference to me. One such session keeps me rejuvenated for a week. Imagine what would happen if you practiced this every day. Maybe, this could be one reason why Gautam Buddha sat under a tree and meditated.

So, find a huge tree around you, nicely sit under it, and practice deep breathing. You will feel refreshed in just a few minutes.

2. Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass – This is a simple but powerful way of recharging yourself. Pick a spot that has grass and walk over it barefoot. This is not only a feel-good exercise but is also a way to receive earth’s energy into your system. When you practice this regularly, it boosts your immunity and keeps you strong.

3. Benefits of Hugging Trees – This may look weird, but try hugging a huge tree and see how it feels. Trees are beings of love and energy. When you hug a tree with love, you get recharged with a renewed sense of spirit. When you are hugging the tree, don’t be conscious of others or your surroundings. Just let of all inhibitions and hug the tree like a child hugs a parent. Choose a big tree and experience this joy.

4. Practice awareness – Nature is incredibly beautiful. It is easy to be mindful and practice awareness in the presence of nature. Simple acts like watching Sunset, and holding a flower become profoundly refreshing when done with awareness. So, practice awareness in the presence of nature. How to do it?

Switch off all your gadgets. Choose a specific aspect of nature like a tree, Sunset, or a river. Be in the moment and give your undistracted attention to nature. Be alert and use your 5 senses to enjoy the moment. Do you see any colors? Can you hear some sounds? Do you smell any fragrances? Can you feel a breeze on your face? Leave behind the past and future. Just focus on the present moment.

Doing this simple practice can calm down your thoughts and emotions. It recharges your body, mind, and soul and brings back your energy and enthusiasm for life.

So, these are the 4 simple ways to rejuvenate in the presence of nature.

Mother nature is looking after us, inviting us, wanting to take care and communicate with us. She is like a mother giving lots of love. Nature is continuously communicating with us through her colors, seasons, fruits, vegetables, and birds. The Colour green itself is rejuvenating and soothing.

But many of us ignore this beautiful aspect of life. We don’t take notice of the nature around us because we are lost in the hurriedness of life. We are lost in the mundane life, always in a hurry to reach somewhere. It would be profoundly awesome if we could connect with Mother Nature and receive all her beauty, love, and energy. Doing this makes us healthy and wise. We become younger and happier. Body, mind, and soul become happy. So, take the time out and get rejuvenated in the lap of Mother Nature. Ideally, this needs to be done every day. But it may not be possible for many of us. So, at least, weekly once, connect with nature and rejuvenate. Make it a family event and enjoy the love of mother nature.

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