2 Potent Ways to Supercharge Your Meditation

Do you want to improve your meditation practice? Then, this blog is for you. I have been practicing meditation for over two decades and have devoted more than 10,000 hours to it. Meditation has become an integral part of my life, and I cannot imagine living without it. My meditation practice has enabled me to connect with my true self and discover my life’s purpose. It has brought about a significant transformation in the way I lead my life, and I consider it a way of life.

Meditation takes us into a meditative state where we are fully present at the moment with complete involvement and awareness. For me, this state of oneness is our natural state, and I strive to attain it 24×7. Meditation is a tool that takes me into this state, and in this blog, I will share two practices that have immensely helped me in my meditation journey.

The first practice is prayer. Initially, I meditated and prayed separately at different times. However, as I progressed, I realized that combining prayers with meditation enhances the quality of both practices. I now start my meditation practice with a prayer, meditate, and end it with a thanksgiving prayer. This simple addition has brought me significant benefits. It has made my meditation more powerful, and I find it easier to connect with myself and divinity. Adding prayers to my meditation practice has allowed me to stay in a positive state of mind for a longer duration, and its effects spill into my daily activities. I have experienced a kind of oneness with the divine, and I believe that no meditation can give a complete experience without prayers. I urge everyone to add prayers to their meditation practice as it is crucial to establish a strong connection with God and progress in meditation and other aspects of life.

The second practice is sending love. This simple practice involves sending lots of love to family, friends, and the entire world. It kindles positive emotions like love, compassion, and kindness, which are the qualities of divinity. Blessing others through this practice establishes higher qualities like love, peace, and kindness within us, which brings about a certain joy and happiness. This practice increases our well-being, strengthens our inner self, and helps us handle feelings of depression and anxiety. It improves our relationships and enables us to come out of negative states of mind quickly. I have learned that when we bless others, we bless ourselves because nature’s law dictates that what we give to others comes back to us multiplied many times. This practice energizes me greatly and brings me a deeper experience of meditation. When we all practice blessing meditation and bless the Earth with positivity and love, it has the potential to bring about transformation on Earth and positively impact the collective consciousness of the planet.

Adding prayers and blessings to our meditation routine can enrich our practice significantly. I have realized that growth is limited when we travel solo on the path of meditation, and it is important to bless others to experience exponential growth in our lives and spirituality. Contributing to others has become a significant part of my life, and I urge everyone to add these two practices of prayer and blessings to their daily routine or meditation practice. When we find ourselves going through negative thoughts and emotions, instead of being sucked into them, we can pray and bless the world.

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