10 Tips for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

Have you gained weight and wondering how to lose this excess weight? Then, this blog is for you. Excess weight is unhealthy and an unnecessary burden on the body. When we don’t start taking action on excess weight, it can go into obesity and can cause various health problems. Hence, it is important to be at a healthy weight. But how to lose weight in a way that is healthy and sustainable? In this blog, I will be sharing with you 10 healthy and sustainable tips to lose weight. You can begin your weight loss journey with these 10 tips. Let’s get started.

10 tips to lose weight:

1. Do Not Starve for Weight Loss. 

Many of us think starving is a way to lose weight but this is a myth. When we starve, we deprive the body of essential nutrients and it can lead to vitamin deficiencies. It can cause fatigue and eventually depression. Also, starving cannot be sustained for a long time. After a period of starving, the body goes into binge mode and you end up eating a lot more than you were eating normally. Hence, starving is not a solution to losing weight. So, do not starve. Instead, think about increasing the intake of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

2. Best Foods for a Healthy Start to the Day

When you start your day with a healthy meal, you provide your body with a good dose of nutrients and this helps in cutting down food cravings throughout the day. When you are loaded with nutrients, you can easily resist junk food. Food cravings happen when the body is deprived of nutrients. 

So, start your day with something healthy like a green smoothie or a vegetable salad.

3. Be clear about your why you want to lose weight.

Before you start your weight loss journey, be clear as to why you want to lose weight. If your ‘why’ factor is clear and strong, you will achieve your goal. But if your ‘why’ is hazy, the drive to achieve your goal will be weak and you give up the goal easily when faced with difficulties.

So, take some time and identify your reasons to lose weight.

4. Drink Lots of Water to Lose Weight. 

Your body needs a sufficient amount of water to burn fat and keep your cells hydrated and healthy. So, drink plenty of water. Drink a lot of water first thing in the morning and keep sipping water throughout the day. This improves your digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It also improves skin health and energy levels.

5. Weight Loss Meal Plans 

If you are failing to plan your meals, you are planning to fail in achieving your goal of a healthy weight. When we don’t plan meals, we end up eating junk and anything which is easily available. So, plan your meals ahead and get all the ingredients you need. Create a weekly meal plan taking into consideration factors like your activity level, your current weight, and your weight loss goal. If needed, consult with a nutritionist and get a meal plan that is customized to you.

6. Eat Homemade Food for Weight Loss.

Till you achieve your weight loss goal, avoid food from restaurants and stick to homemade food. When you prepare food at your home, you have complete control over the quality of the food. In most cases, outside food comes with a lot of preservatives, processed food like white flour, and unhealthy quantities of oil. It can easily lead to weight gain. So, eat only homemade food.

7. Healthy and Balanced Meal Plan for Weight Loss.

Our body needs carbs, proteins, and fats. Generally, people working on weight loss tend to avoid either fats or carbs. But we need to remember that body needs meals that are well balanced in these essential nutrients. Cutting out essential nutrients to lose weight is not a sustainable way. A more practical and healthier solution is to choose healthy fats over unhealthy fats, and healthy carbs over unhealthy carbs. In every meal, ensure that there is the right balance of carbs, proteins, and fats and these are coming from healthy sources.

8. Types of Exercise for Weight Loss. 

Some form of exercise is a must to stay healthy and boost your metabolism. Identify ways to exercise your body. Simple things like taking stairs instead of an elevator or walking instead of using a car, jogging, and cycling whenever you get time make a great difference. You can also do household chores if you are lazy to go to the gym. Make sure that you do this regularly, and you will be surprised that you are already shedding weight with these mundane activities. If it is feasible for you, enroll in a good gym or hire a gym trainer and work out. Working out under a trainer gives you better and faster results.

9. Keep a Tab on Your Junk Food Consumption

Junk food is all around us. Chips, aerated drinks, pastries, pizzas, and all other kinds of junk food taste good, but they lead to obesity very easily because of the high calories and very less nutrition in them. They are also addictive, and it is easy to gobble down high quantities of junk food. So, keep an eye on your junk food consumption and cut down on junk as much as possible. Replace junk food with healthy snacks, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

10. Have an Early Dinner for Weight Loss

Plan your day such that you can have your dinner as early as possible. If you can have it around Sunset, it would be the best. Early dinner unburdens your digestive system, improves nutrient assimilation, and helps in better sleep. If it is not possible to have dinner around Sunset, at least have your dinner 2 hours before your sleep time.

These are ten tips that help you in losing weight the healthy way.

Set a realistic weight loss goal and go slow. Sustainable and healthy weight loss should be the goal. Eat healthy, well-planned meals prepared at home with love. Start your day with a healthy meal and have an early dinner. Involve yourself in some form of exercise. These changes, when sustained for a few months, will help you lose weight and gain health. So, start your weight loss journey right today.

Wish you health and peace!

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