5 Tips for a Fulfilling Parenting

Are you a parent looking for ways to become better at parenting? Then, this blog is for you. Parenting is an art and a huge subject in itself. Many of us assume that we know everything about parenting, but when we become parents and actually walk through parenting, we realize there is so much to learn in this aspect of life. As a parent, I read books and attended various courses to deepen my understanding of parenting. This learning journey taught me some tips and lessons on parenting which helped me greatly. In this blog, I will be sharing with you 5 of these tips. When you practice these tips, you become better at parenting, and you will enjoy your role as a parent. So, let’s get started. Here Are the 5 Tips That Helped Me in My Journey of Parenting Meditation: Parenting needs time, energy, and patience. A major factor that saps energy levels is stress, and today, stress has become common. One of the wonderful ways to keep stress at bay is meditation. I recommend meditation to every new parent. When you meditate, you become less stressed and more peaceful. From this peace in your heart, it is easier to practice conscious parenting. When you meditate regularly, you become more mindful and better at handling your thoughts, emotions, and stressful situations. This simple tool will help you enjoy parenting, and you will have the energy to make the most out of parenting. So, regularly practice meditation. Self-care: We forget self-care after becoming a parent. But without being healthy and happy, one cannot give the best to parenting. So, it is important to take care of ourselves. Don’t neglect self-care. Take out the time for exercise, healthy eating, and whatever else is needed for you to be happy and healthy. Your health and wellbeing matter greatly in the journey of parenting. If you want to make time for self-care, it is important to have a strong support system around you. So, build that support system. There will be many tasks for you in a day but don’t miss to prioritize self-care. It makes a great difference to your energy levels and satisfaction. Establish a routine: A daily routine simplifies life and keeps it organized. Randomness, at times, is fun, but frequent randomness can make life stressful and hectic. Minimize randomness by having a routine. Research says a routine creates a sense of security in a child. So, create a routine for your child and yourself. Let this routine be something that you and your child enjoy. This simplifies life and minimizes stress to a great extent. The child knows what to expect and follows the plan accordingly. While planning the routine, be realistic and flexible. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child and yourself and create a routine around it. A good routine will simplify your life and save your energy. Spend time: The most valuable thing you can give to your child is time. Spend time with your child every day and give undivided attention. By doing this, the child feels loved and secure. Playing, having conversations, eating together, and telling bedtime stories are some ways of spending time with children. When you spend time with your child, your mutual bond of understanding and trust deepens. Also, it’s fun to know their little worlds. So, spend that time with your child. When you give a sufficient amount of time in the formative years of your child, your child will build enough strength and capabilities and will require minimum intervention in the later years of growth. Take care of the diet: In today’s world, we have junk food everywhere in the form of those colorful pastries, snacks, chocolates, etc. Unhealthy ingredients like sugar and MSG are hidden in seemingly healthy foods. When children eat junk food and unhealthy food, they become cranky and restless. Their immunity weakens, and they fall sick frequently. Hence, it is important to take care of the diet. Create healthy food options and snacking options at home. While planning the meals, follow the below 3 rules as much as you can. Diet impacts the energy levels, emotions, and thoughts of your child. So, take good care of the diet. Add healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds to the daily diet. These are the 5 tips that helped me greatly in my parenting journey. None of us are born with the wisdom of parenting. Like anything else, parenting is a skill, and we develop it with experience, study, and observation. Incorporating small improvements in your parenting journey can make it fun and joyful. The easiest small improvement you can make right away is the practice of meditation. So, start with it. Enjoy this beautiful phase and make the most out of it. To learn more, join my Free Webinar this Sunday at 11 AM IST. Here is the link – If you want to take it to next level, join my course. Here is the link – Love & LightManjula Ghattamaneni Wish you the best!

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