5 Qualities I Admire in My Father (Superstar Krishna)

Are you a fan of my father and curious to know some of his great qualities? Then, this blog is for you. To every daughter, her father is the role model. It’s the same with me. My father is my role model and inspiration. He is a man of few words and great actions. He never gave us any big speeches on how to live life. He showed it through his actions and daily life. I have been incredibly blessed to observe him closely and learn from his actions. A person is the sum total of his/her qualities. My father’s stardom and success are rooted in his great qualities. In this blog, I am going to share with you 5 qualities I admire in my father. Anyone can imbibe these qualities and change one’s life. Let’s get started. Quality 1- Punctuality: Time is money, and money is time. In fact, time is more precious than money because time, once lost, can never be gained. In the movie industry, time plays an important role. In order to create a single scene, several actors are needed, and even if one actor is late, the shooting gets postponed. The making of a movie is a team effort, and being punctual makes it easy. My father was always punctual and respected time. Whether it is professional or personal commitments, he came on time. 5  Benefits of Being Punctual Quality 2 – Eating homemade food: The quality of food we eat impacts our health, wellbeing, and mind. If we eat high-quality food, our energy levels will be high, and we will have strong immunity. The easiest way to eat high-quality food is to choose homemade food. So, my father was careful about his food. He preferred homemade food any day. Though the lunches are lavish on movie sets, he made it a point to eat only homemade food. Outside food contains many harmful chemicals and preservatives. Eating homemade food is a great principle to stay healthy and fit. 6  benefits of eating homemade food Quality 3 – Being down to earth: My father was quite simple and down to earth. His simplicity amazes me. It’s very easy to be carried away by success in life. It’s a wonder that he chose to be so down to earth in spite of being a superstar. There is no air of superiority about him. 3 benefits of being down to earth Quality 4 – Pursuing dreams with courage: Many of us have dreams, but only a few of us pursue them because it needs a lot of courage to pursue dreams. There will be challenges and roadblocks in the pursuit of dreams. Things will not turn out as we planned. So, many of us quit pursuing dreams after a few attempts. My father, as a young man, had a dream of becoming a hero. It was a bold dream because he did not know anything about the movie industry. He did not have acquaintances in this industry when he started. He just had a dream, but he had the courage to go through the process and make his dream a reality. His courage to pursue his dreams made him a superstar. 5 benefits of pursuing dreams with courage Quality 5 – Great control over emotions: I have never seen my father lose his cool and shout. Even in a challenging situation, he had control over his emotions. He was emotionally balanced, and I think this quality greatly helped him face the ups and downs of his life with grace. Emotions are very important in life. They make life worthwhile. But when we lose emotional control and let negative emotions dominate us, our relationships get affected. We become restless, agitated, and negative. So, having emotional control and balance is important in life. 5 benefits of emotional control These are some of the qualities I admire in my father. My father never tried to impose his views or qualities on us. He gave us the freedom to choose and evolve. I have tried my best to implement these qualities in my own life. You, too, can choose any one of these 5 qualities – punctuality, eating homemade food, being down to earth, pursuing dreams with courage, great control over emotions – and start building it in you. Very soon, you will see your life transforming and becoming better. Your life is the sum total of your qualities, and it’s worth building great qualities. So, start your journey today. To learn more, join my Free Webinar this Sunday at 11 AM IST. Here is the link – If you want to take it to next level, join my course. Here is the link – Love & LightManjula Ghattamaneni

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