10 Ways to deal with Rejection

Are you rejected and feeling bad about the rejection you experienced? You are not alone. J.K.Rowling, Amitabh Bachchan, Walt Disney, Jack Ma, Oprah join you. They were all rejected again and again before they tasted massive success. Every person, who pursued their goals and dreams, would have experienced rejection during some phase of their journey. It can happen in relationships, career, or any other aspect of life. We all get hurt when we are rejected. It is normal. Some of us can move on quickly, and some of us struggle to cope with rejection. Rejection phase is an important phase in the pursuit of success, and the way we deal with it determines our future. We can deal with it negatively and give up our dreams. Or we can deal with it positively and use it to achieve our goals. In this blog, I will be sharing with you 10 ways to deal with rejection and use it to your advantage. How to deal with rejection to our advantage, eventually, we will get the success we desire, and we will also be able to identify many more new opportunities. So, let’s get started. 1. Introspect When rejection happens, take a pause and introspect. Genuinely, stand in the shoes of the other person and try to look at the situation objectively. Try to understand the other person’s viewpoint and analyze it to see the truth. If there is truth in the other person’s viewpoint, respect it and learn from it. If there is no truth, let it go. But introspect and think thoroughly. Introspection will help you improvise and progress. Without introspection, we will be missing the opportunity to grow. 2. You are bigger than the rejection Many of us take rejection personally, but we must remember that we are bigger than a rejection in 1 area of life. We have other pursuits, and there is more to life. There is a great future with many more opportunities. If not this, something else will come our way. Don’t let rejection define your identity. 3. Use it as a Feedback Mechanism View rejection as life’s way of giving you feedback. If someone rejected you in an interview, identify your areas of improvement and work on them. When we accept rejection as a feedback mechanism, we use it to our benefit and improve in life. Use every rejection to improve yourself. 4. Don’t give up Don’t ever give up your dreams just because someone rejected your ideas and thoughts.“Harry Potter”(J.K.Rowling) book was rejected by 12 publishers before it was published. Walt Disney, the person who created the magical Disney world, was fired from his job in his early days, and the reason given was lack of imagination. But these people believed in their dreams more than the rejections, and eventually, they found brilliant success. So, don’t give up your dreams. Your dreams are bigger and more powerful than rejection. 5. Build your inner strength Sometimes, in life, we will face rejections again and again, and it can be really painful. Build your emotional and mental strength to walk through these rejections. Meditation is a great tool in building inner strength. Meditate every day for a few minutes and sharpen your mind to face life’s challenges. 6. Keep trying Just because you are rejected, don’t stop trying. Keep trying and pursue your goal wholeheartedly. When you invest your time and efforts, you will eventually figure out the right way. So, keep trying. But improvise and try again. Remember Einstein’s words – “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 7. Be open to learning Right knowledge is needed for success in anything. So, learn more about your area of interest and upgrade your skills and knowledge. Become more resourceful and valuable by improving your knowledge and skills. 8. Don’t waste your energy When you are rejected, it is natural to feel low and worthless. But don’t stay in these negative states of mind for a long time, as these negative emotions can drain your energy and focus. These negative emotions can stop you from seeing the bright side of life. So, come out of this state sooner by spending time in nature or watching a good comedy movie or meditation. 9. Stay positive Fill your mind with empowering thoughts and emotions such as gratitude, love, joy, hope. Some tools that help you stay positive are the regular practice of meditation, yoga, reading positive books, watching inspiring movies or videos, and spending time with positive people. Consciously, try to be in a state of positivity. 10. Believe in the future There are endless opportunities in this world. So, believe in the future and keep working smart and hard. Your belief will give you the strength to walk through difficult times. So, these are some ways to deal with rejection. Every person, who achieved something significant in life, has successfully handled the rejection phase. Use the rejection you experienced as feedback and build your skills, knowledge, and inner strength. If life gives you lemons, make a delicious lemonade and enjoy it. No matter what, keep walking towards your goal with determination and the right skills, and very soon, you will get the success you desire. Don’t let anyone’s rejection stop you from achieving your dreams. After every rejection, remember this nice quote of Mark Victor Hansen – “Every time you get rejected, say “Next!” To learn more, join my Free Webinar this Sunday at 11 AM IST. Here is the link – If you want to take it to next level, join my course. Here is the link – Love & LightManjula Ghattamaneni

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