7 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Living

Are you looking for ways to bring positivity into your home and improve your well-being? Then, this blog is for you. There are many aspects that impact our well-being and one such aspect is the space in our home and office. The space around us plays an important role in shaping our lives. If it is orderly and filled with positivity, we feel good and positive. Feng Shui is a beautiful subject that talks in detail about how to make the space around us positive. This subject always fascinated me and added great value to my life.

Feng Shui gives us directions and guidelines on how to maintain the space around us to attract positivity into life. It’s a huge subject and takes years to study and master. However, when we

implement even the simple Feng Shui tips, it can make a great difference in our life. In this blog, I am going to share with you 7 Feng Shui tips that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life for a happy and well-balanced life. When you practice these tips, you experience certain harmony and peace in your life. You become more productive and you will fall in love with your home. So, let’s get started.

7 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Living

1.   Remove clutter:

It’s very common to have clutter in our shelves and cupboards but clutter stagnates the energy flow in our home. It can cloud our minds and make us feel restless. It stops us from living life to its full potential. So, keep the space around you free of clutter. Below are some pointers on decluttering.

  • Remove all the clutter from cupboards, wardrobes, and corners.
  • Donate or throw all those objects you did not use even once in the last 3 years. If you did not use something even once in 3 years, it means you don’t need it anymore. These unused objects occupy the space and need maintenance. So, it is a smart thing to let go of these unused objects.
  • Ensure there are no piles or things falling off.

When you start decluttering your home, initially it may feel quite overwhelming but stick with the process and patiently declutter. Declutter your home phase by phase if you are doing it for the first time. Once you complete the decluttering process, you will experience greater levels of peace and clarity in thinking. So, it’s worth your time and energy.

2.   Keep objects that bring you joy:

We spend a good amount of time in the home. So, it is important to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy. These objects brighten the mood and add positivity to our life. Below are some tips to implement this.

  • Add decorative items that match your hobbies and likes.
  • Keep objects that are associated with happy memories like your family photographs,
  • Bring in the elements of nature like rivers, trees, greenery, etc, into the space around you. Nature can easily brighten up the mood.

3.   Organize the space:

When the home is disorganized, our time goes wasted in searching for things and it causes stress. It also disturbs the energies of the home and creates restlessness. So, it is essential to keep the space around us organized. Below are some pointers on organizing.

  • Designate a place for every object and try to keep the object in the same place.
  • Use organizers to effectively utilize the space around you.
  • Arrange objects around you in an orderly fashion which is easy and convenient.

4.   Take care of your kitchen:

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home and it is the area of prosperity and health. The kitchen is a widely used space on a regular basis and it can easily become dirty. So, taking care of the kitchen is highly essential. Below are some tips to take care of the kitchen.

  • Keep it clutter-free. Remove the clutter from cupboards and racks.
  • Ensure there are no leakages and broken objects.
  • Keep it clean and hygienic.
  • Ensure it is free of insects.
  • Keep it organized.

5.   Bring in Sunlight and air:

We need Sunlight and fresh air for a healthy life. They enhance our mood and energies. A dark home can be depressing. So, every day open the doors and windows of your home. Bring in the sunlight and fresh air. Ensure your home is sufficiently ventilated and bright.

6.   Address leakages and broken objects:

Let go of all those broken objects or get them repaired. A broken object blocks the positive energy. So, address them as a priority. If there are any leakages in the home, address them immediately. Keep the things around you functional.

7.   Remove objects that evoke negativity:

According to the great Masters, we become what we see repeatedly. If every day, we are unconsciously seeing negative things like sad paintings, we attract sadness into our lives. So, we need to be aware of the kind of objects we keep around us. Below are some tips to implement this.

  • Identify all those objects which make you feel sad and remove them.
  • Remove objects that trigger negative memories.
  • Remove any paintings or objects which portray negative emotions like violence, sadness, and anger.

These are some simple Feng Shui tips you can apply in your day-to-day life to enhance the positive energies in your life. Start with decluttering. It is the most important thing you can do to enhance the energies of the space. Space around you plays an important role in shaping your decisions, thoughts, and emotions. So, respect the space around you and take good care of it.

Empower your home so that it can empower you in return. Wish you the best!

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Love & Light
Manjula Ghattamaneni

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